Monday, October 24, 2005

Katrina Disaster Response - Bihn's Story

Our most memorable moment from the last trip out to Biloxi, MS was meeting a Vietnamese man named Bihn (Ben) and his family.

Bihn and his family owned a shrimp boat and rode out the storm in a canal approximately 10 miles from the coast. Many of us on the disaster relief teams remember passing over a bridge and seeing several boats on the shorline of a canal. It was in this canal that Bihn and a total of 10 people on his 70' shrimp boat waited out hurricane Katrina. Bihn's boat along with 5 other boats all lashed together faced the onslaught of Katrina for more than 12 hours in that canal.

After the storm they had to wait for three and a half weeks before being rescued and returning to dock. That three and a half week period was quite an ordeal because many people who also waited out the storm in the canal died, and those that survived had to wait amongst those that died for that long period of time.

We were quite touched by Bihn and his story. You can read the extended version on my Katrina Disaster Relief blog.

Alan LeStourgeon

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Road to the casino - Biloxi

Many who gambled and stayed in their coastal homes during Hurricane Katrina paid with their lives...

Some of the devastation - "The Point" Biloxi

Several deaths occured in this area of Biloxi. Storm surge cleared this home down to the concrete slab and stairs...

Alan & Friends from St Augustine

Alan LeSturgeon and 2 members of the St Augustine PCA church, on the road to deliver supplies and aid to the victims of northern Gulfport. During this trip, we found a older woman trapped in her trailer by trees. We were the first people she saw since the storm hit. This day was my highlight of the entire week. -George Schimmek

Biloxi area known as "The Point"

One of the hardest hit areas of Biloxi. Storm surge destroyed this entire neighborhood.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Roger from South Carolina

This guy was a bundle of energy and could work most younger guys into the ground. He was always positive and came to minister to the victims all by himself all the way from South Carolina.